Our client companies and candidates are all about tech

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Any type of organization needing tech talent


We’re heavily into tech companies, but we also help government, education, entertainment and other sectors with full time and contract engineers, programmers, IT workers, and more.

startup workers

Tech companies with broad staffing needs


As a tech company, you are always looking for sharp engineers. But, you’ll also need executives, marketing, IT,  finance, and human resources talent.  We can help across the board.

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Candidates looking for new opportunity


Whether you’re relocating or staying put, there are always new opportunities. We help executives, engineers, marketers, support staff, etc. find the right next career move.

Client Services

Our corporate passion for quality, methodology and outcomes ensures top notch service

Executive Search

Interim Executive

Corporate Recruiting

Direct Hire Recruiting

Contract Staffing

Temp-to-Hire Staffing

Finding the right fit is a two-way challenge.


Company Challenges

  • Skilled worker shortage is a formidable challenge
  • Internal recruiting skill and bandwidth are limited
  • When we need help, we need it now.  No time to ramp.
  • Special skills are one thing.  Cultural fit is even harder.

Candidate Challenges

  • New to town. Don’t know the lay of the land.
  • Live and work here, but unaware of local opportunities
  • Don’t want another ‘job’. Need help finding the right fit.
  • No time for search, but ready for a new challenge

Providence Partners bridges the gap for mutual success.

The Providence Partners Six Star Advantage

We’re not a factory.

A few carefully selected resumes always beat digital search engines.

We get to know you.

Our clients and candidates become our friends. After all, it’s a people business.

We are trusted.

We are partners to our clients and candidates. To us, relationships are everything.

We focus on fit.

We want what’s right for both parties. And that always stems from good fit.

We have expertise.

A seasoned staff with excellent recruiting and placement skills to support your needs.

Texas is home.

We serve the nation, but we live here in Texas, and are proud to be part of Austin.

“Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)

The value we provide

Time Savings

Finding good talent and employment fit is a tedious effort on an unpredictable timeline.  You have enough to manage already.

Business Impact

Human capital is your most valuable resource.  Get this right and everything else takes care if itself.

Peace of Mind

There is no higher stress decision process.  Stay on the right track by having good third-party advice and execution.

Examples of companies we help.

  • "I've known Kevin for years and worked with him and Providence to find and hire great people, and they have helped me find new opportunities. Always a pleasure to work with and their follow through has always been there. I highly recommend getting in touch with them to find the right people or to help you find the right next opportunity for yourself." Chris C., Georgetown, TX

  • "Kevin and Nelson have supported me for a few years now. I've always found them to be truly  knowledgeable as an agency and a service provider. Even better, they are great guys with a high-level of integrity who care about connecting people and making a difference. You owe it to yourself to give them a try!" Cathy G., Austin, TX

  • "I've worked with Nelson and Kevin at Providence for years, and they have continuously delivered stellar results. Providence delivers great service backed by what must be an incredible team of recruiters, as they have a consistent track record of identifying and delivering great talent when it's needed. They are simply a pleasure to do business with." Casey C., Austin, TX

  • "I've used Providence to staff several key positions through the years. They are amazing to deal with. They deliver on everything they sell. I highly recommend them for any organization from 2-2000 employees." Robert L., Austin, TX

  • "These guys are easy to work with, trustworthy, and have always been flexible and creative in how they meet our company's business model - which is a bit atypical." Chris B., Austin, TX

  • "I've worked with Providence Partners at my last two positions/companies working closely delivering services to my clients. They are extremely easy to work with and proficient in locating the hard-to-find talent that we require. I'd recommend anyone who is needing technical services around recruiting to give them a call!" Drew M., Pecan Park, TX

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