Biggest Tech Resume Mistakes
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We look through 1,000s of resumes a month. If you're making any of the mistakes below, you're likely being filtered out of job opportunities, even though they might be perfect for you.


Are You Making These Tech Resume Mistakes?

Resume Procrastination

Give yourself time to put together a really strong resume that truly highlights your value.

  • Make sure all experience is up to date
  • Drop irrelevant and old experience (anything over 5-7 years that is not hyper-relevant to the position being applied for should be dropped)
  • Prominently highlight skills you still want to use and work in, and leave off those you no longer wish to use

Create a "New" Resume for Each Role

Use the Objective or Summary section of your resume to pull in keywords or buzz phrases from each individual job posting.

  • Resumes which mirror language in a job posting are much more likely to be reviewed thoroughly
  • Internal recruiters are sorting through thousands of resumes. By matching your Objective to the language used in a job posting, you make it easy to choose you.

But..."I'm perfect for the role"

You might be perfect for a role, but if your resume does not properly showcase why you're the perfect fit, you're not likely to get a callback.

  • Make sure your resume leans towards the position you're applying for. You would want your resume to read differently when applying for a management position versus a position as an individual contributor.
  • Emphasize the skills which are hyper-relevant to the position you're submitting to

Make Your Education Easy to Find

As more and more recruiting systems move towards automated sorting, it's important to format your resume to be filtered in the proper way.

  • Having your educational information easy to find makes it easy for internal recruiters and automated systems to score your education properly
  • When moving through resumes quickly, education credits can be overlooked if not highlighted properly.

Provide Context for Your Experience

Your professional experience should highlight the context of the companies which you have worked for.

  • When listing a position on your resume, be sure to add a sentence that highlights what the company actually does and how you successfully served its mission.
  • If you were promoted or changed positions within the same company, be sure to provide ONE heading that highlights the full timespan you were with the company (under that heading, you can highlight break-out positions in parenthesis)

Don't Force Recruiters to Dig

Most internal recruiters are only going to spend 6-15 seconds with your resume to assess if you make it to the next level.

  • Mirroring job posting content is a great way to make it into the right resume stack.
  • Making your experience easy to understand is key.
  • Listing relevant patents, publications, and hobbies can be good ways to differentiate yourself and start conversation.

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